Adelaide Parker is a webcomic about two young women in a wacky university! Adelaide Parker is a socially awkward nerd, Sam Charisse is a social butterfly. Sam gives herself the task of getting Adelaide Parker out of her geeky rut. Because this is a wacky school, fun and excitement sure are likely!

This comic has no update schedule, but a couple of pages a week is the norm. It's drawn in Manga studio, with some editing in other programs. Everything is done digital, with a cheap computer tablet. This comic is not suitable for children. It contains/will contain BAD WORDS *gasp* ADULT THEMES *shock* AND CHARACTERS WHO DISCUSS SEXUAL THINGS *faint* Pages which may be triggering will be warned for, but there shouldn't be much of that. The title format will be something like Title [tw: there is a trigger warning].
Ads on this site may have any content! The ad provider, Project Wonderful, doesn't allow a lot of pornography on it, but still... careful what you click! If I personally see a repulsive, irredeemable ad for something just as awful + irredeemable, i'll axe it. If you see an awful ad, and I miss it, complain on the forums.

Some icons (Namely, the webcomic listing icons) were made off a blank icon found here. Icons made by barkerbaggies, and used under Creative Commons.

If you want a comic for everybody of all ages, I have a Pokemon fancomic here. Actually, it's not for everybody, it's for Pokemon Black and White fans only!

If you want to find out more about me, you won't find it here.