Unchaptered: These comics are not part of any chapter
Love-hate affair: The debut chapter! Sam Charisse goes to meet old friend Adelaide Parker, only to discover that Adelaide is now an awkward internet-addicted woman. Who ships my little ponies. Sam decides to try and help Adelaide Parker get a reality check.
2.Love-Hate Affair cover30th Dec 2011
3.Outside the university30th Dec 2011
4.My font30th Dec 2011
5.Close ups of hands and feet30th Dec 2011
6.Is it really you?30th Dec 2011
7.Swirly30th Dec 2011
8.So close31st Dec 2011
9.Everything I need3rd Jan 2012
10.Kid's toys?4th Jan 2012
11.That's Pinkie Pie!5th Jan 2012
12.boom7th Jan 2012
13.Hate and intolerance18th Jan 2012
14.No. Certainly not!19th Jan 2012
15.You're still a child!20th Jan 2012
16.Goodbye21st Jan 2012
17.Losing each other21st Jan 2012
18.This game22nd Jan 2012
19.aaa24th Jan 2012
20.Still worrying24th Jan 2012
21.Seeing things26th Jan 2012
22.Shut the f**k up!26th Jan 2012
23.EUREKA!!!!27th Jan 2012
24.Hey!28th Jan 2012
25.Calling reality29th Jan 2012
Love-hate affair part 2: NPCs: A seamless continuation of the first chapter. Sam meets Rachel and Bo, before ditching them to throw an innocent plastic pony into the maws of a deadly sandpit. What happens next? Read it.
26.I can be your Pinkie Pie30th Jan 2012
27.no31st Jan 2012
28.So31st Jan 2012
29.Adelaide's roomies1st Feb 2012
30.Friend of Adelaide1st Feb 2012
31.Who does she think she is?3rd Feb 2012
32.Tappy toes4th Feb 2012
33.So that's it.5th Feb 2012
34.Blackness6th Feb 2012
35.New recruits?6th Feb 2012
36.Suggestions welcome!8th Feb 2012
37.Gross!10th Feb 2012
38.Adventure *SLAM*11th Feb 2012
39."Daycare"11th Feb 2012
40.Kids everywhere14th Feb 2012
41.Toss!15th Feb 2012
42.Glowing little children17th Feb 2012
43.You did it on purpose18th Feb 2012
44.Hey Geoff move it21st Feb 2012
45.A camera flash!25th Feb 2012
46.Oh eM Gee10th Mar 2012
47.Delightful photography11th Mar 2012
48.Handshake on it.15th Mar 2012
49.Reboot your life!16th Mar 2012
Interlude 1: Between chapters nonsense.
50.Monkey Shines17th Mar 2012
51.Adelaide Parker in love!27th Mar 2012
Real Fun: Coming soon!
53.Real Fun cover30th Mar 2012
54.<3 it30th Mar 2012
55.Burninate1st Apr 2012 punk rock6th Apr 2012
57.Just like Grandpa listens too9th Apr 2012