Love-hate affair #20: Seeing things
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Seeing things
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Amazing author comments!

Found this on Tumblr today.
WHAT'S GOING ON. The plot I made up for my webcomic... JUST GOT REAL.
#spoileralert #orisit #hashtagswherethereshoudntbehashtags #bytheway #dontlookupthatblog #itwillmakeyouhatebroniesevenmore #ifitspossible

26.1.2012 (A Twitter page appears in the background. I'm not transcribing it cuz it's too much. Highlights include a retweet from something called Duo Carving, and Adelaide's online name, RE:Your<3Brians. Rob and Trev are talking over it.)
Robert: You could get a SNES ROM on your phone, you know.
Trevor: But that's illegal!
Sam (thinking): Maybe i'm just seeing what I want to see, but I think she's crying for attention and help.
Is it?

(While Sam can't think, Rob and Trev are still talking! Argh!)

Robert: Yes, so why play a ROM on my computer?
Trevor: 'cuz then it's your illegal ROM!